Webhooks what triggers what?


I have a few questions regarding webhooks. Especially when are they triggered and how do i have to connect that to the user management in my website. I am sorry if this is already answered some where else. Please point me there, I have not found it.

So what I understand after reading the documentation:
new patreon:
“pledge:create” is triggered. The data.relationships.patreon.data holds the id of the new patreon. included.0.attributes is the users data. So i can create a account with lets say the same email, and send him his generated initial password. I also see what reward the patreon choose in data.relationships.reward so i can set his user group in my application accordingly managing the different access levels.

delete patreon:
same here, i just deactivate or delete the user provided in the data.included.0.attributes

But what about updates? Does the next pledge (next month payment) trigger an update? Or is it just if the patreon changes to another reward?

Hey @Lapsus!

Right now, webhooks only fire on patron-initiated updates. These would be things like changes to address, reward tier, pledge value, etc. on the actual pledge. Automatic changes on our side do not trigger the webhooks.

We’re planning on making improvements to when webhooks fire in the future so the events that cause them to trigger may change.

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