Webhooks confusion

Hey all,

I am trying to add a webhook that will mirror the functionality of emails I receive whenever a new patron successfully makes a pledge. A couple of questions there:

  1. Which of the triggers should I enable? There is a trigger for patron:create but that can fire even if the payment was declined (would there be additional event when for the same user if the payment was successful?)
  2. Looking at the response object - I can see the amount pledged but I can’t see which tier the user pledged for - where is that data in the response?

I really just want to mirror the New patron emails - I am not interested in cancellations, update of pledge tiers, etc.

Thanks in advance!


members:* would fire whenever a member’s record is updated including a new member joining. members:pledge:* would only fire when a pledge from a member changes. There are cases in which both of them fire like a regular payment or a new pledge. You should process the related hook depending on its trigger.

You can match the pledge to the tier using the membership info and your campaign info.