Webhooks not firing

Hi everyone,

I just wrote a simple listener for receiving webhooks and inserted it into my developer backend for my campaign. I can received the test samples alright, but I do not receive and events when may test account “Sandbox API” becomes a patron of mine or removes his pledge to me. As suggested, I switched to “Pay by post” for testing purposes, so that my credit card won’t get used for real while testing.

Do I get all this stuff wrong? I want to create a user on my site for every patron and track their pledge level using API queries, but like that I won’t even get noticed when I have a new patron or if a patron leaves.

Any ideas?

I am feeling very dumb, but I just noticed that there are small switches to the right to actually enable all those events… I will keep this thread in embarassment and in the hope, that others might be as blind as I was.

I wanted to thank you for posting this! I too was blind and could not figure out what the problem was. Only thanks to you did I finally solve this vexing problem. LOL!

Also do not forget if you are like me local hosting your integration as a discord bot where the webhooks basically notify the bot to check the api to verify patron status (if they paid, payment went through without errors, or payment had issues and was not paid) to filter their discord roles given their discord id’s and if they are in their discord server to be exposed with a program similar to ngrok. Also if you do webapi from C# using asp.net core a good thing to do is open ngrok 1st using the vs2019 extension, then launch the thing in debug mode inside vs2019 itself with iisexpress otherwise it will not work.

I spent many hours trying to figure out why my webhook could not call any functions in it and that it would always 307 until I got it working and ready for debug on the real code and then got that working too…