Webhooks not firing

Hi everyone,

I just wrote a simple listener for receiving webhooks and inserted it into my developer backend for my campaign. I can received the test samples alright, but I do not receive and events when may test account “Sandbox API” becomes a patron of mine or removes his pledge to me. As suggested, I switched to “Pay by post” for testing purposes, so that my credit card won’t get used for real while testing.

Do I get all this stuff wrong? I want to create a user on my site for every patron and track their pledge level using API queries, but like that I won’t even get noticed when I have a new patron or if a patron leaves.

Any ideas?

I am feeling very dumb, but I just noticed that there are small switches to the right to actually enable all those events… I will keep this thread in embarassment and in the hope, that others might be as blind as I was.