Webhook not firing

Hi guys,
I have an issue on my patreon page - when my first patron pledged, webhook did not fire.

I have tested this webhook successfully by sending test.
I do not have any trouble on the road - my backend first registers the webhook info unchanged and without an option to reject it - and I can see it did not register anything during that pledge.

Any idea what may be wrong? Any way to check if webhook indeed did not fire? Thank you

As far as I know Patreon doesn’t expose any webhook logs. Have you ruled out any issues with your backend application? Although you can test webhooks, the data received will differ from real data in some ways. I’d suggest that first you check your web servers access logs to confirm if a request was received from Patreon – I haven’t had any experience with Patreon webhooks not firing, and there’s a retry system in place so it would be strange for a webhook to never make it.

If you can confirm the webhook was definitely not received by your web server by checking your access logs, then you should reach out to the platform team directly to report the issue (platform@patreon.com).

Hi, thank you for responding:).
No issues on my backend - basically nothing can go wrong. Just adress must be right - and that I tested by test provided on webhook page.
If the address is right and hook contains any “body”, then it will be at least processed and logged currently. And if data is relevant, processed better.

Assuming your campaign isn’t charge immediately then you can test out the production webhook yourself by creating a new Patreon account and become a patron on your own campaign from that account – then delete the pledge once you’re finished testing to prevent yourself from being billed. There’s no limit on the number of Patreon accounts you can create, so it’s a suitable test method for now.

It is bill immediately - created tier for 1 USD to test it (one dollar will not kill me…). Thats how I know It does not work.
I contacted platform@patreon.com , they probably see more.

Another line of enquiry if you have charge immediately is to check that the pledge was created – maybe the payment failed for some reason like fraud or declined. You could either make an API request, or you could check via the Members page in your dashboard to see their payment status.

That one i checked too - it was ok, pledge created

OOOh, it works, brilliant.
Maybe the issue was that I was only in the webhook screen just allowed that. Did not exit the screen. Maybe it needs some time to register.
But now I tried with second account and it fired both pledges at once.

That’s great news! The Robust Retries section in the documentation might give a clue as to why this happened:

In case of failed delivery, perhaps due to network problems or server outages on your end, we will store the events and make sure none were lost until your server is back up. Over time, we’ll try to send them to you and re-try your server. The next successful call to your server will include all the past webhooks that accumulated.

Presumably, for some reason, your service was inaccessible at the time of the first webhook but now it’s accessible and so both came through.

Bad thing is, that with first patron it happened again…
Again webhook did not fire.
Thats bad - my backend really needs webhook to fire immediately…

Which event didn’t fire this time? What happens if you trigger another event through another patron, do both come through at once like last time? I think it would be very strange if the Patreon system is failing to send events via webhooks for certain patrons but is queueing them to be retried, so I would be inclined to focus on ruling our your backend first which you can do by using a request bin or monitoring your access logs.

Exactly same as last time - pledge create event, first one did not fire, when second patron arrived, both fired at once.