Access Media from posts

  1. Looking at the API docs it talks about the Media resource, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to get the media object associated to a post (I’d have expected include=media to work, it didn’t). Am I missing something?
  2. What’s the status of the “user point of view” API?

I’m having the same issue or similar.

I’m trying to access an audio file uploaded to a post on Patreon.
For audio posts, there is the option to upload a file, or use an embedded link.

Using the embedded route I am seeing data within embed_data and embed_url.
With the file upload, these fields are null, and there does not appear to be an attribute for regular files within the post resource.

The assumption is somehow this information is actually in a media resource with the post itself. But adding an include=media results in an error response.{post-id}/posts?include=media

    "errors": [
            "code": 1,
            "code_name": "ParameterInvalidOnType",
            "detail": "Invalid parameter for 'include' on type post: ['media'].",
            "id": "f1a3896c-40fa-4617-a780-f05475516895",
            "status": "400",
            "title": "Invalid value for parameter 'include'."

Regardless, there needs to be some clarity on how to access this data.
Also, I made sure to use the creator token, so this information should be available.
Some guidance would be appreciated, thanks.

Unfortunately attachments and featured images are not yet supported at the api. They may be supported in near future, but its not decided yet.

@codebard Thanks for getting back to me.
That is truly unfortunate, and I hope it is supported in the near future.

Do you know if it’s possible to work on the API as an outside party?
Scrolling through the docs it appears the focus is supporting the WordPress plugin, which is ok, but there are some other specific use cases that a less vocal group may find useful.

Open source might be too much to ask for, but then again we can’t just sit and pray for developers to have time. And it’s not that I think it’s something that can easily be done, it just seems like there needs to be more dev power in the general API effort.

Unfortunately outside contributions are not possible since the repo is private.

Not at all, WP plugin is just one of the integrations.