API Feature Wishlist


That too. There are creators already asking me how they can lock content depending on the pledge history of a patron. They say they dont want patrons to just pay one month and then get access to all content…


As @jgordner suggested, some pipeline for letting authenticated users pledge / alter their pledge to a specific campaign, right within the app. Things work fine as it is, but things would be a lot cleaner if this could be integrated right into the app itself. :smiley:


@LordHarvie @falco echoed this in 2018 API Planning

One thing I wanna say about this is that top-notch sandboxing is a project that would greatly benefit internal teams as well - as our core eng leaders think about this I’m gonna make sure third-party devs get a voice in that and we hopefully do something that’s useful for everyone that’s doing engineering for creators.


Embedded Login
Currently, if I want users to authorize my app, I need to redirect them to Patreon to authorize the page. Now, this is all fine and dandy, and the authorization page has a nice, minimalist look to it that would work in, an embedded window within my app. However, if the user is not logged in, it redirects them to the Patreon login page, which doesn’t look so nice in an embedded window. It would be nice if there were a similarly minimalist version of the login page, which users could be redirected to for in-app authorization.

One of the biggest pieces of feedback I’ve gotten from my app (the primary usage is NOT a web page, but an embedded panel in Adobe applications), is that the account authorization flow is a bit clunky, what with opening up a separate browser for authorization. Having something like this would allow me to embed the login and authorization in my app, without the need to open up a browser window. Now, I could inject some CSS styling into the login page once it’s loaded, to hide everything but the login form, but… as a web developer, that makes me feel just a wee bit uncomfortable. ^^;


Ah, I see what you mean. That is clunky, and I get the reluctance… do you mean the headers/footers basically?


Pretty much! Here is what I came up with via the css injection route:


Request: Would love to have some simple financial reporting. Where we pass in a date range and Patreon returns how much money was received across all pledges during that date range.


Oooh! Can you say more about this? What would be most valuable, what problems would this help you solve, as a developer, creator using the integration, or both?


Our product caters to YouTube creators and there are several ways they make money (AdSense, Affiliates, Fan Funding (Patreon), etc). We are working on building a dashboard where they can get a global view of their earning across all of these methods of earning. And of course if they don’t have a Patreon account we say “Hey! What are you doing?? You gotta sign up with Patreon to earn more and connect with your fans!” :slight_smile:

  • Consolidate webhooks
  • Clearer documentation on lifecycle
  • Clearer documentation on schema
  • Publish a webhook flowchart
  • Specific events for when payment goes through

There’s probably more, but these are my biggest pain points at the moment.

Overall, stop overloading and overlapping six webhooks with the responsibility of several key events. You’re forcing us to write code to sniff things out based on undocumented, arbitrary and shifting indicators.


Restructure your responses to not use an array for “included”, instead, keying them by either a globally unique identifier and/or by type.

This data structure is extremely inefficient and difficult to work with when I want a specific piece of data. You basically force me to go through and index or manually filter for anything I need, every single time.

Very frustrating, I really think patreon as a platform would benefit from a technical audit just to identify how and why certain design decisions were made. What was the level of planning prior to implementation?


Access to my (Patron) content

So, I love Patreon and I support quite a few Youtubers. But for me the experience as a Patron is mediocre at best. If you only use the web to access Patreon it’s fine I guess but I want to watch the content I support on my Apple TV and it’s a huge hassle to do so. The iPhone app is an MVP at best too, btw… Frankly being so diffcult to access is keeping me from supporting more people…

I would love o have access to the content itself via API calls (I’m an iOS developer). Let me log in and just give me all the posts from the people I support. As far as I can tell this is not possible with the public API ATM, right? But the API must already exist, since the mobile apps and the web app already call it.

I don’t know if it’s just me and 99.9% of patrons watch on the web exclusively but for me as a Patron the experience is not really good ATM. I will surely continue to support Patreon but i wish they would do more for the actual client side (the people who are paying all of this).