[RESOLVED] Possible Bug - Missing pledges from the API

I’ve encountered an issue where the API does not return pledges for users who created an annual pledge and then canceled it soon after.

My Patreon dashboard indicates that I have 485 active patrons, yet the API only returns 483 records. On both occasions, the affected user had signed up with an annual pledge and then cancelled it shortly after. The website still lists their pledge as having rewards expiring a year from the date they signed up, but the pledge is not present in the API.

I’m happy to provide specific pledge and user IDs if any Patreon staff are able to look into this, though I’m not certain that this is the place to do so.

If anyone is able to provide an insight, it would be greatly appreciated!

After trying out V2 of the API, this issue is no longer present.

I’ll migrate to V2 and this should be resolved!

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I definitely recommend that. Not mixing api tokens, calls and clients/endpoints is always more reliable.