PLEASE HELP! Patreon API not updating total_historical_amount_cents for over 3 hours since someone upped pledge

What the API is returning:
What the patreon site is showing me:

Using API v1, url is{CAMPAIGN-ID}/pledges?page%5Bcount%5D=100&sort=created&%5Bfields%5Dpledge=total_historical_amount_cents,status,currency,created_at&include=patron.null

My patreon: /mimubot
The specific patron’s patreon user id: 9425034

Please can someone help me? ._.

All the values for a patron/pledge may take some time to update as payments processed.

Also, using v2 client with v2 calls to v2 endpoints may provide better results.

v2 pagination is completely broken. when using the next link provided from the api itself, it returns invalid link from the api.

and how long does it take? 3 hours is a hefty period.

update, i’ts been over 12 hours and still hasn’t updated. everyone else’s pledges seem to be working fine.

Entire Patreon’s payments are being processed (all patrons) and that may take more than a few hours.

o lordy. i’ll check back in another 12 hours then. hope it wont take a few days time

Yep, checking back later in the day may help.

update ; its been over 27h and it still hasn’t processed. no idea what’s going on.

40 hours since processed, still not on api… lord help me.

So this field still did not update for you, for this particular patron then?

yup, still returning 500. 4th day now. :sob:

Wait, its returning 500? When you do a call for this patron? Or all patrons? Do all calls return 500?

oh wait i just noticed something. even the site doesnt show $15, only in the payment history.


Can you forward the details of that member to me via DM in the forum. This seems to be related not to api but something else that people are investigating.

let me try to do that.

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