Total_historical_amount_cents always returns null!

This is a php snippet.

$scope_parameters = '&scope=identity%20identity'.urlencode('[email]').'%20identity.memberships';
$href .= $scope_parameters;

I’ve got 2 accounts. One is subscribed to the other and I’m logged into Patreon with the “Patron” account. I use this account to click the link with the $href which directs me to the grant access page. After this I get JSON back which contains everything I need about my Patron. However, even though I paid $1 to the campaign I’m subscribed to over a MONTH ago, I still see total_historical_amount_cents: null. But when I logout and log into my campaign account I can clearly see the $1 payment from the Patron. What gives???

This has completely halted my progress integrating patreon with my website. Is the API broken?