Currently Entitled Amount Cents is Zero

Hi, I am calling the Patreon API v2 and have been having success for quite a few months letting users log in and making sure their pledges are sufficient. Today I ran into a user that could not log in and when I looked at their membership data coming back from the API I encountered a very strange combination in the membership attributes.

  currently_entitled_amount_cents: 0,
  full_name: 'Joe User',
  is_follower: false,
  last_charge_date: '2021-04-01T10:20:05.000+00:00',
  last_charge_status: 'Paid',
  lifetime_support_cents: 7000,
  patron_status: 'active_patron',
  pledge_relationship_start: '2020-10-20T04:00:21.042+00:00',
  will_pay_amount_cents: 1000 

Note that their tier is correct, their status is active, they have been a member for months (they’ve successfully accessed the content before) and they were recently charged successfully. However, despite all this their currently_entitled_amount_cents is showing up as 0. Anyone ever encounter a situation like this? I can’t think of a reason why this value would be zero in this case.

Pretty interesting. Can you forward me the email of this patron (at Patreon). Or Patreon user id also would work. You can mail it to Or DM via the forum. (but dont post publicly)

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Email sent with more details, thank you!

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This user doesnt seem to have an active pledge to your campaign. You should check and confirm whether s/he is still a valid patron. If not, currently_entitled_amount_cents should return 0.

Thank you for checking on that for me. So what is the hypothetical scenario that would lead to this? They had pledged and were charged on April 1st, but then cancelled? They have the entitled tier and are active, but not amount. It’s strange.

Are they a yearly patron?

No, they have paid the same $10 a month every month since October.

Does the patronage appear valid in relationship manager when you check this patron right now?

Yes, it is valid in the relationship manager. I sent a screenshot to the email you provided earlier.

Does this situation still persist as of this moment? Is there any change in the api return for this user?

Yes, it still says “currently_entitled_amount_cents” = 0, but last_charge_date is 2021-04-01, and last_charge_status is “Paid”. I sent you an email with the actual data snapshot.

Amazing. Ill try to look into this this week.

Thanks, I appreciate it.