Member will_pay_amount_cents not updating


I’m trying to loop over all the members and use the will_pay_amount_cents field to calculate how much the creator will get paid at the end of the billing cycle. I tested this out by setting up a campaign and selecting “charge per post”, added a price of $2 per post, and publishing a single post. The API returns:

{'currently_entitled_amount_cents': 200, 'pledge_relationship_start': '2020-06-17T20:47:52.984+00:00', 'will_pay_amount_cents': 200}

Great! Now I published another post, expecting the amount to increase to 400. However, when I call the API again, the response hasn’t changed. It still remains 200, despite the fact that on the patron’s dashboard I can see that $4 is going to be paid.

CleanShot 2020-06-17 at 14.37.10

Does it still report it like that today?