API Bug / Data can't be trusted [BUG FIXED]?


For a few years we are seeing in the Patreon manager active Patron’s with the following status:

  • Pledged: $xx amount
  • Lifetime: $0.

When clicking on the billing history of these users we see declined as status.

However the API (v1) returns the following response(s) for these type of users:

                [attributes] => Array
                        [amount_cents] => 1000
                        [created_at] => 2019-11-06T00:26:07.742+00:00
                        [declined_since] => 
                        [patron_pays_fees] => 
                        [pledge_cap_cents] => 1000

Why is declined_since not filled? Isn’t it supposed to be filled?
How would a application know based on the API that the user should not get their reward if declined_since is not filled?

Hoping anyone around here could help us out.
Many thanks in advance!

I have filled a support request at Patreon about this on 11/6/19.
Once a response comes in i will update this post.

Edit 11/21/19: No response yet from Patreon.

Edit 11/29/19: No response yet from Patreon.

Edit 12/06/19: No response yet from Patreon.

Edit 12/12/19: No response yet from Patreon.

Edit 12/15/19: Tweeted to Patreon Support

Hello, I am engineering manager at Patreon, and very sorry for the late reply here. You are correct, this is indeed a bug, and it is addressed in the API v2. We highly recommend you migrate over, as the v2 API is more supported and stable. If that is not an option for you please let me know.


We are also going to fix this bug today / tomorrow, but we still highly recommend migrating to API v2.


Hi Jbyttow,

Thank you so much for dropping by and fixing this issue. I will take a look at the API responses from v1 soon. We should be able to move towards v2 next year but really glad to hear that it’s fixed.