Currency and current pledge data issues

Hi, I’m a developer and campaign owner. I use the Patreon API to identify and give benefits to my Patrons.

I have a user who I see on the endpoint (that is my campaign ID) and when I query through all the pages, I get this within the results:
There are 3 issues with this image:

  1. I don’t see a way to query the v2 API for the user’s currency.
  2. active_patron and currently_entitled_amount_cents: 0 is contradictory. They are a paying customer but I did skip 2 months of billing on the campaign.
  3. will_pay_amount_cents is in the patron’s currency NOK but my campaign is in USD.

Trying to do everything using the v2 API involves a lot of steps and seemingly doesn’t give complete and consistent data whereas I can just go into my creator patron relationship manager and just download the CSV in one click with all the correct data including currency conversions.

Are you using v2 calls with v2 endpoints using v2 calls?

Also, is your campaign charge up front or per creation?

Yes, the app is a v2 app making v2 calls. I charge up front and don’t have an annual option.

Is the client a v2 client and the token used a v2 token?

I’m not using any client libraries. This is direct calling on v2 endpoints.

No I meant the Patreon api client in your app.

What call are you using?

Hi, please see the original post

The original post has only the endpoint, not the call in its entirety.[member]=full_name,is_follower,last_charge_date,last_charge_status,lifetime_support_cents,currently_entitled_amount_cents,will_pay_amount_cents,patron_status&fields[tier]=amount_cents,created_at,description,discord_role_ids,edited_at,patron_count,published,published_at,requires_shipping,title,url