Get patron paid currency with the API

Hi, I’m currently using the Patreon API with PHP from here specifically with this example

I’m using the “fetch_user” function to grab their data, but it seems this doesn’t include their used currency. How would I go about getting their current pledge currency?

Used currency is not something tied to user but to the pledge. You can get it as a pledge_event relationship from user resource.

If you are trying to convert patron currency to your campaign currency, however, api will soon start returning currently_entitled_amount_cents and amount_cents in campaign currency again. After currencies change it started to return it in patron currency, leading to many integrations to have hiccups.

That being solved will probably fix my issues with it, as in my code I can just set specific amounts and not deal with per-currency amounts. I imagine that’s what you say has tripped up others. Any time frame for when that will be reflected in the API?

Within this week, latest, next week.