Patrons not updating + other strange issues

Hello, I had my 3rd person pledge late last night, but my page still says I only have 2 patrons, and the monthly $ amount has not been changed either. Their payment has been processed however. To make matters more confusing, the tier they pledged to now says there are two patrons of 35 possible, even though it should just be one. Also, the patron manager takes into account that phantom pledge, saying I have 4 patrons and it added that extra money, despite the fact that my balance just has the 3 total pledges. I will attach some hopefully useful images.

Your help will be greatly appreciated,

It’s probably a declined pledge. Go to the Patrons Page and see the Patrons there are. Someone should have the Declined Status in front of their name. The declined pledges won’t show in the face-dollar value, but they show in the Tier info.

Also, one of you Patron probably left after pledging.

I don’t think that’s it. I can’t find anywhere that they left, or was declined. I only ever got the 3 pledges, and it shows they are still there.

Go to Dashboard >> Declines.
If it shows an amount under the Declined Header, then it means someone was declined and then left without taking the Exit Survey. If there are no declines, then try clearing your browser Cache and Cookies, then login to Patreon Page again. If it still shows 4, then it’s an error from Patreon’s server side!

Thank you for clearing that up! There is a decline there. So to get this straight, it declined, then they updated their payment method and went through, so it is showing 4?
I am wondering why it is only showing 2 on the patreon page instead of 3 though, and why there are still 2 spots taken up in that tier when it should just be one.
I really appreciate your patience and help with me.

Go to Patron >> Relationship Manager and see how many people you have there!

Seems they are all still patrons: