Patreon canceling and pledging not working?

Please help, I have attempted to cancel multiple pledges and pledge to a new creator, but a message keeps popping up saying “Oops, something went wrong while deleting your pledge.” Then afterwards, the pledge is deleted from my list of pledges, but I still have full access to my previous rewards. And if I try to pledge to someone new, it says “Opps, an unrecoverable internal server error has occured.” and it goes on my list but I have no rewards. Please help me!

I have same when I try to send a pledge, but it shows i would’ve already paid the pledge but can’t see any art in her channel.

Just a heads up, this is a forum for people working with the Patreon Platform, it’s not a forum for Patreon customer support, and as such you would get much quicker support by submitting a ticket to the Patreon support team :slight_smile:

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Thanks @sam for quoting that, appreciate it!

Hey @sgfsdf and @Zaddx4,

Since these issues lean more on the patron/creator experience on Patreon, would you be able to reach out to the Community Happiness team at Patreon through

They would be happy to assist with these types of issues!

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