Patreon canceling and pledging not working?

Please help, I have attempted to cancel multiple pledges and pledge to a new creator, but a message keeps popping up saying “Oops, something went wrong while deleting your pledge.” Then afterwards, the pledge is deleted from my list of pledges, but I still have full access to my previous rewards. And if I try to pledge to someone new, it says “Opps, an unrecoverable internal server error has occured.” and it goes on my list but I have no rewards. Please help me!

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I have same when I try to send a pledge, but it shows i would’ve already paid the pledge but can’t see any art in her channel.

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Just a heads up, this is a forum for people working with the Patreon Platform, it’s not a forum for Patreon customer support, and as such you would get much quicker support by submitting a ticket to the Patreon support team :slight_smile:

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Thanks @sam for quoting that, appreciate it!

Hey @sgfsdf and @Zaddx4,

Since these issues lean more on the patron/creator experience on Patreon, would you be able to reach out to the Community Happiness team at Patreon through

They would be happy to assist with these types of issues!

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@sam @nperickson excuse my french but who the fuck cares besides you two? the other 3 of us have a problem that would be an easy fix but patreon is too lazy to do a thorough job investigating the bug, and iirc patreon customer support is another automated messaging system which will only allow this issue to persist further, we need to speak to a human representative, this is the only way to get this glitch patched once and for all, and the last thing we need is a backseat moderator and a patreon staff grunt defending this attrocious system

This is a forum for the Patreon API and the creator, developer and partner ecosystem that revolves around it. Issues related to the website itself cannot be solved here. For that, you would need to open a support ticket at support.

again, who cares? patreon support is not gonna help due to automated messaging systems