The Sad Fox and its Unrecoverable Internal Server Error

**UPDATE: To my surprise I did hear back from Patreon service, and where they did confirm there are errors happening, they basically said nothing else. No info about when this may be fixed- just ‘Try back later’ ** ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I have come here on my hands and knees, I am not a developer but am receiving absolutely no help from the Patreon support team. I reached out to them only last night but they still have not replied to a support inquiry I made 3 weeks ago, so I am not optimistic I’ll hear from them any time soon, and the issue I am currently dealing with is far more pressing than before…

I just launched my Patreon account, excited that this could actually be an answer to funding my project. I am using it on a ‘per creation’ basis.

Problem is, I am receiving many messages from prospective patrons that they keep getting this ‘unrecoverable internal server error’ message every time they try to submit their contribution. A few people were able to make it work after trying twice, many simply weren’t able to make it work at all even after several attempts. I am so frustrated, I am inevitably loosing a lot of prospective patrons, especially having just announced the page launch.

My site is

I understand this is the not the right place to post, as I am not a developer, but I am not sure where else to go. So I am here in hopes of trying to somehow grab hold of the right persons attention.



RIP I never seen that response. oh wow that was 12 months ago I thought this was a fresh new post.