Sudden Drop in Pledges Dollar Amount!


I am new to Patreon and wondering what happened. I had over $515 a month in total pledges when I left for the store today. I return and the dollar amount dropped to $420. No reduction in pledges from patrons and no one left. Still have 65 patrons. Can someone please explain. I am a bit nervous about this. Thanks

Total Pledges is the amount that is pledged by all Patrons. It includes your processed pledges and your declined pledges as well. So, if you had 10 Patrons pledging 50$ each, and 2 of them were declined, then your total pledges would still be 500, but your Face Dollar amount will be 400$. Also, there are 5% Patron tax + the Payment Processor tax. The total tax can go as high as 15% to 20% and as low as 10%. You should go to the Dashboard and see what is your share It will give you information like [Number of Patrons, Total Pledged, Patron Share, Payment Processor Share, Your Share, etc]. Clear your cache before you view that so there isn’t an issue. After that go to Dashboard >> Declines and see how much declined. You can also check your Settings>>Payout Preferences >> Chech in the top right corner for what you earned.