Pledged Amount on Patreon Profile wrong?

I have a problem with how the pledged amount is calculated.
I have three different values

a) in my patrons dashboard it says "Total pledged… $47.00"
b) on my public profile it says "$41 per month"
c) when I calculate the patrons for each reward level (from the relationship manager) and add them together I get $47 as well

Is the public page wrong or am I missing something?

I believe that the public page displays the estimated amount the creator gets, after Patreon’s fee and Payment processing.

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@LordHarvie is correct. The site shows you the estimated earnings after Patreon fees, but our API and the dashboard show you the true sum.

If you want the estimated earnings amount via the API, you can use /oauth2/api/current_user/campaigns which will return you the campaign resource, which has the field pledge_sum

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