Wordpress Patreon api not returning correct pledge amount

One of our users said they were a 25$ pledge until October 6th when there sub ran out. They reup on October 10th but change to a lower tier 10$. They are still able to see posts of higher tier. I started debugging the php files and at wp-content/plugins/patreon-connect/classes/patreon_wordpress.php:600 inside the getUserPatronage function the user_response variable returned that they have ["currently_entitled_amount_cents"]=> int(2500) The posts patreon_level is set to 25. which would make scene why they are able to see it, but i am not sure why there amount is not correct.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Do make sure that any caching plugin at your site or caching systems at your host is not interfering and showing an unlocked version of the higher tier page to your patron.

Also, if you are using cloudflare, make sure its not caching the /patreon-authorization page or caching your site’s plugins and content in a way that could override locking.

Thanks for the advice.

I disabled all the caching plugin just to make sure, and we don’t use anything like cloud flare.
When making the requests to the API directly they still have the higher pledge amount.

Have you contacted your host to ask whether anything is being cached on their side?

My host is not caching it. We are running the site on a vm and i am not implementing any cache for requests going out or coming in. Unless the Patreon API is cacheing stuff on there side,because it was reporting the wrong amount directly from the api, but that was 9 days ago I last checked the api.

Is this still happening? Also, if it is happening or if you encounter it again at a point in near future, can you try calling the api from somewhere else than your vm and host’s infra (ie postman etc) to confirm that you are still getting incorrect results?