Fans see lower amount which is not correct base on my tires

I have setup my Patreon account and created all my tires, I also have a Wordpress website and I upload all my videos in the website. I have installed Pateron plugin in wordpress and connect to my Patreon account. I managed all my posts in the website to unlock with the specific tires which is 7 Euros.

When my fans click on the second tires on my website which is 7 Euros to unlock the content, Patreon shows 5 Euros instead of 7 Euros and we don’t know whats the reason?

If users are existing patreon member and tried to unlock our content while they are sing in to their patreon account it shows the correct amount.

However for new users who want to sign up with their google account for the first time as an non existing member in patreon website , then go to payment page shows 5 euros which is default amount for custom pledge.

I have tired to solve this bug and we have checked everything from our side and we couldn’t solve this issue.

I contacted patreon from contact us form and they said they can’t support since this bug cause from wordpress plugin.

I hope someone can help us

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This is not something that happens at the WP plugin but on Patreon side since WP plugin sends the same 7 Euros amount each time to Patreon regardless of whether the user is logged in or not logged in at Patreon.