Plug In not displaying correct pricing

My tiers are set at $2, $3, and $5. A post I published today is for the top two tiers only but displays this when imported to WordPress.

‘To view this content, you must be a member of Nicole’s Patreon at $1 or more’

The message should say $3 or more based on my tier setup. Everything is fully updated. Please advise how to resolve this as it creates a bad user experience when I am just starting out. Thank you!

WP 5.7.2 with PHP 7.4.18
Patreon WordPress 1.7.4 with API v2

Can you click the tiny refresh icon next to the tier dropdown in ‘Patreon Level’ metabox in your post editor (any post)?

Yes, I did do that but it has not updated in the post. I also cleared my cache but it still displays $1.

Your site may have lost connection to Patreon. You can try the below guide to force refresh it:

This did not resolve the issue. As noted, I was already using API v2.

Do you have Opcache or any type of server side caching at your host?

Yes but again, all caches were purged and this did not resolve the issue.

The thing is that its unlikely that you can purge Opcache on your side. If its implemented, its a server side caching format.

I may have been able to reproduce this. Ill check it out and let you know if i find out anything in a few days.

False alert. I wasnt able to reproduce it.

Which type of post is that post? Is it a post, a page or an attachment?

I do have access to purging the Opcache, as I already stated previously. So far I have shared 2 polls to my Patreon and this issue persists for both posts.

Can you try disconnecting your site and reconnecting it? Then using the refresh button next to Patreon level metabox in any post editor page?

Yes, I have done that multiple times as that was the first suggestion that you made.

If you DM me your creator page, i can try and check a few things in the api returns and see if they are coming in correctly. Also please dm the tiers that show up at your site and the tiers which you expect to show up.

I’ve reported a similar bug that’s been open for months. Something broke with version 1.7.2. If you download and manually install 1.7.1, it should work–at least it does for me.

You can get old version of the plug-in here:

What is the particular price display situation that you are having? Is it the same?

Similar message but an interesting development after more digging!

We use Patreon and Patreon Plugin Pro. We have content locking turned on the entire site for $1 (and then some additional pages/posts at the $5 and $15 level).

I had this set in both plugins for $1, in the main Patreon plugin for the Make entire site Patron-only with Pledge Level option and in the Pro on the ‘Content Locking’ > Allow only patrons to login. This caused no issues having set in both places on 1.7.1 but broke in 1.7.2. I deleted out the value in the Pro plugin and everything on 1.7.5 seems to be working now! Feel dumb not having caught this earlier.

I need to do some testing to make sure not having $1 set in pro breaks any walls, but looks like we’re in business.

Now if i understood correctly:

When you set “Allow only patrons to login” with Patron Pro:

Login works with Patreon WordPress 1.7.1. But fails with 1.7.2.

Did you try it with Patreon WordPress 1.7.5?

Patreon Free Plugin and Pro Plugin both have a spot to set a dollar threshold to lock the whole site. I used to have $1 in both input boxes. 1.7.1 and before having both filled in presented no issue.

Beginning with 1.7.2, the site would present the ‘sorry, only Patrons with $1 pledge or over’ message even for $15+ patrons. I just realized today, by leaving $1 in the Patron Free Plugin config but by erasing the $1 from the Pro input field (leave it blank) that things seem to work correctly even on 1.7.5. However, 1.7.5 is still ‘broken’ if both the Pro and Free versions have a dollar value.

So my issue is resolved, but might want to fix that or make note of it for troubleshooting.

I think you confused the locking whole site function in Patreon WordPress with login lock function in Patron Pro. They do two different things.

Maybe I confused myself–was running on very little sleep today. Anyway, the fix didn’t hold either–users started seeing errors again. I had to revert back to version 1.7.1. I’ll try troubleshooting some of my settings but it seems like something must have changed between 1.7.1 and 1.7.2.