Unable to change the pledge tiers since 2 days ago

So since 2 days ago i’ve been unable to effectively lock a page into a tier for my site, or change existing tiers for pages for that matter. I don’t know what happened but the box with the $ sign isn’t blacked out so i know my access token is working at least. I’ve contacted my server provider and they say its likely a code on the plugin side, and since Patreon recently updated 3 days ago could be a bad code?

Do you have the refresh button appearing next to the tier dropdown? When you click, does it refresh your tiers?

I’m not sure what you mean by refresh dropbox. What I do is I manually insert the amount into the: “Require the below precise $ monthly membership or over to view this post.” section and when i do, it says its updated but it never does. I just stays at the previous set amount or at 0 if i didn’t set one before.

Can you visit your plugin manager and check which version of the plugin you have at this moment?

I believe its version 5.3.2

or 1.5.2, not sure why there’s 2 version on the thing

5.3.2 is WP version.

Visiting ‘Installed Plugins’ section in ‘Plugins’ menu will show you all the existing plugins on your site and their versions. Check out ‘Patreon Wordpress’ and its version there.

Version: 1.5.2 would be the one i have running

So you have 1.5.2, and when you visit your post editor for any post, you dont see a circular refresh icon next to the tier selection dropdown in “Patreon level” meta box?

Instead, you just have a text input where you can put in a $ amount?

that is correct, i don’t have a dropbox with preset amounts, i have to manually set it

Now this is pretty, pretty odd.

Because since a long while, the $ input box is replaced with a dropdown, and since few versions, there is a refresh button next to it.

Your plugin version shows 1.5.2, but your site does not show these changes which were available since a long while ago.

This may be an indicator of a caching feature like opcache or a caching plugin caching your entire site.

If you have a caching plugin, please try disabling it and checking whether your plugin will show latest features in Patreon level metabox. This may be any caching plugin - WP Super Cache, Total Cache, or any opcache plugin.

This may also be due to your host’s opcache. In this case you will need to contact your host.

The basic idea is that your plugin is 1.5.2, but your site is loading old code somehow.

i see, was wondering why i never could see some of the mentioned updates before. Ill contact my server provider and see whats up then.

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