[SOLVED] Why I can't see my current tiers on Patreon Level?

For a long time Patreon had created, but I had not used it. Today I configured everything (they also approved my page) and when I finished I wanted to try the access to Patreon, but I realize that I do not see my Patreon Level correctly.

The 2 tier that appear are the ones that I had previously configured, but today I have changed to others tiers and the plugin has not updated it. I deleted the cache, reinstalled the plugin and also removed the previous API for a new one, but still does not update the tier.

Proof: https://imgur.com/a/cr1XH5a

Can you try just visiting any post’s edit page? This should force refresh of your tiers.

I’ve tried with several post and does not update the tiers.

Can you try a CTRL+F5 when on post edit page? Or whatever forces full refresh of the page in your OS.

Done, the plugin still does not update the tiers.

Thats pretty curious.

Can you visit the register client settings page at Patreon, and check out whether any of your tokens is expired? And also if they exactly match what is saved at your plugin settings?

Yes, as I mentioned earlier I had changed the tokens since I thought it had expired. I just updated the ‘Creator’s Access Token’ and still does not update the tiers.

I’ve also tried API version 2 and still do not update the tiers.

That’s pretty weird.

If possible, please arrange me an admin account (new one) to see this on-site. This account should be deleted after the debug is complete. You can DM the details to me in the forum or mail them to contact@codebard.com

The API is broken, and does not return fields for tiers. This may be where the problem is coming from.

It was due to his WP installation not updating the tier option via update_option, an installation-specific issue. There was no relation to api.

I have exactly the same issue.
Here’s what I have.

WP 5.5 with PHP 7.3.21
Patreon WordPress 1.6.5 with API v2

Are you able to help please?

Try applying the below guide first:

Then you should be able to update your tiers through the refresh (circle) button next to the Patreon dropdown.