Wordpress plug in not working for both £/$ patrons

Hello, very recently some of my new patrons have told me they cant access resources

I checked the Wordpress site and I could see the patron plugin was stopping me from locking a post via tier level. It now says " Patreon Lite plan does not support tiers. If you want to gate your content for different tiers [upgrade your Patreon plan to Pro and above here."

I thought this was an update, so paid for Pro. No change. That text is even still there even though I have upgraded, and installed the addon.

Now I think I know what the issue is. I changed my currency with Patreon to £ from $. But now I have some patreons at $ and some at £ but the same 4 tiers. But the plugin only seems to be able to recognise one or the other, so it seems I am stuck locking out new or old patreons as I can set the currency level to unlock but not the tier.

Any help would be great as I already have some patrons trying to access the resources.

Can you force your site to reconnect to Patreon using the below guide?