💡 How to upgrade your Patreon WordPress to use API v2

You can follow the below simple steps to upgrade your Patreon WordPress installation to use API v2, which is required by many advanced features like post sync.

1 - Visit “Patreon settings” menu in your WP admin
2 - Click ‘Connection details’ button
3 - Clear all fields which you can clear, and click Save.
4 - Visit the below page that lists the apps you have at Patreon:

5 - Find the app for your website. You can confirm the app by checking the ‘Redirect uri’ value for the app, visible in app details. The redirect uri that matches your site is the app.
6 - Delete that app.
7 - Go to WP admin at your site, visit “Patreon Settings” menu
8 - Click “Connect” to start connection wizard to reconnect your site to Patreon

When you finish the connection wizard steps, your site will have upgraded to API v2 automatically, and you will be able to use advanced features like post sync.

Note: If you have connected a WordPress site to Patreon api using the setup wizard before, you wont be able to use the setup wizard to connect another site to the api. In such a case you will need to manually create a client at Patreon and copy its details to your site.

Thanks, but I’m back to my original problem…

code 3
code_name “ParameterInvalid”
detail “Invalid parameter for ‘oauth_client_id’: 7800.”
id “085dae85-15ca-42ac-b30f-aee9572ecdcb”
parameter “oauth_client_id”
status “400”
title “Invalid value for parameter ‘oauth_client_id’.”

The Set-up link does not work. I’ve tried 2 different browsers safari and firefox no difference. The only way I could get this to work in the first place was to manually copy the secrets etc across from Patreon to Wordpress.
Any other ideas, I really need to get this working as my hole model is based on posting via Patreon… many thanks,

Sorry, managed to delete the APP and redo connection worked this time as before. I’m doing an initial post import and then will create a new post and see if it automatically comes across. Was setup as API v2. Will update soon.

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It’s asking for a Client Secret to delete the app. What is that?

Client secret is one of the fields in app details. View app details, and you will be able to see and copy/paste the client secret from relevant field.