Patreon Wordpress Plugin won't set minimal Tier required anymore

Until a few days ago, my Patreon Wordpress Plugin worked well: I could choose the minimal level of my Tiers who could see my article. Now I noticed something has changed: the normal drop down box is gone and instead I have a much larger box telling me I have no Tiers to choose from. What can be wrong?

Give a try to the below guide to force-refresh connection of your site to the api.

Thanks, but I have V2 set for months now, that hasnā€™t changed.

Can you disconnect and reconnect your site from Patreon settings?

No, I canā€™t seem to. It tells me it canā€™t connect. Keeps giving me this notice:
If this issue persists, you can visit your app/clients page and delete the app/client for this site. Then you can save empty values for details in ā€œConnection detailsā€ tab in ā€œPatreon settingsā€ menu at your site. This would manually disconnect your site from Patreon. Then, you can reconnect your site to another Patreon account or to the same account.

Iā€™m a bit hesitant to do this actually for fear of messing it all up.

Yep. That was the likely case. You should follow the tutorial again:

Thank you for your help. Turns out the certificate in the Patreon plugin was expired, updating it did the trick

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Plugin doesnt have a certificate, so it was likely due to some config at your site - site SSL or maybe OpenSSL if you are using that. Great to hear it worked.