Patreon Plugin Connections

I had a problem with posts suddenly not syncing after working correctly for a couple of weeks. So I followed the directions and tried to disconnect from Patreon and reconnect. It wouldn’t do it so I did it manually. Now I still can’t connect and have no idea where to go from here.

WP 5.6.1 with PHP 7.4.14
Patreon WordPress 1.7.1 with API v2
Patreon Button, Widgets and Plugin 2.0.9

Edit Still working on this without a solution.
Now it’s saying:

Reconnecting your site to Patreon

We weren’t able to get to get the token for connecting your site to Patreon for the time being. Please wait a while and try again and contact support if this situation persists.

Using below guide to force-reconnect your site could help:

This one appears to have been a glitch with Patreon. I don’t know what was going on with it, but I started the process and didn’t change anything and it finally connected properly. I noticed that when Patreon went down a bit ago and came back, it wiped a bunch of stuff.

Not being able to connect to Patreon api should not wipe anything at your site. Only if you click Disconnect, the app details entered at your site will get deleted. Or click ‘Reconnect’.

It wiped the settings. It was working fine and it was already using the correct API. Now it’s not feeding again.

If you disconnect, it should wipe settings related to your creator account. Not other settings for the plugin or any other WP setting. If you reconnect it to a Patreon account, they should come back.

At the moment, it’s working, but it’s done this before. I can manually make it go, and it’ll catch a few… then stop.

If you are syncing a few posts when you manually start it, and then it stops, there may be cron issues at your WP site, preventing cron from running. That’s important since it may affect other important functions of your site. You should confirm that it works.

I did. I’ve done everything that should make it work and the posts refuse to sync.
It’s frustrating that it seems to communicate fine with people’s logins, but the posts do not work at all and I’m going to have to upload them manually.

Do the posts sync in when you start a manual import, and then keep clicking ‘Import next batch’ button?

They do, but they download EVERYTHING. I wish there was a button that was just ‘catchup’ button.

Yes, that is what the manual import does. It should download everything, without duplicating. So it should sync all posts without needing to do anything.

Does the manual import work by itself if you just start it once, and then not click anything at all?

If it doesnt, then you have an issue with cron at your WP site.

It runs through the whole thing without me clicking it again, but then it won’t import anything new when it finished. However, it TRIGGERS my auto poster to Twitter as well for every single post, every time it runs.

It doesnt import any new post? Or, it does not import old posts that are missing from WP? Or both?

When it’s done importing all the posts, new and old and updating things, it breaks and doesn’t import anything else.

Ah then it means that it doesnt automatically import new posts?