Failed to get posts from Patreon

Hello, I install your Plugin and sync all Posts. All fine but I need do load a Backup of the wbsite and try it a second time. The second time only 20 posts was loaded. I delete the posts and the plugin, reinstall it and try it again. Now it loaded 0 posts…directly a error message if i click to import next batch(Topic)

WP 5.5.1 with PHP 7.3.20
Patreon WordPress 1.6.7 with API v2

get_posts - API v2 Class - UUID b94a317b-18a7-41fb-a2af-51bceb55673f - Response code: 400 Response :{“errors”:[{“code”:3,“code_name”:“ParameterInvalid”,“detail”:“Invalid parameter for ‘page[cursor]’: Invalid or expired cursor.”,“id”:“b94a317b-18a7-41fb-a2af-51bceb55673f”,“source”:{“parameter”:“page[cursor]”},“status”:“400”,“title”:“Invalid value for parameter ‘page[cursor]’.”}]}

Please wait an hour and retry again and let me know if this situation persists.

I try it again, but same error.

I was able to reproduce this. Looking into it now.

Scratch that - false alarm. Does not occur in a fresh reference WP installation.

Can you try this guide to force refresh of your connection and retry importing posts?

How can I uninstall the plugincomplete with files and db(or where are the settings saved)? I will try a fresh plugin install.

Use ‘Disconnect’ button in Patreon Settings to wipe all details related to your creator account.

Then you can delete the plugin, reinstall it and reconnect.

I click “Disconnect” and reinstall the Plugin. All Connection details my old settings are still there…

This could mean that the plugin was not able to disconnect your site from Patreon due to credentials being different.

You can wipe/delete all the saved connection details there, save the settings. After making sure you dont have an app still listed for this site at the below page…

…you can reconnect your site to Patreon using the setup wizard, and then disconnect. That should clean up all account related local settings.

There is nothing…and I can’t delete the connection details. I delete and save… go to dashboard… click on Patreon and Connection Details and all is there…

That you are unable to save the options after deleting all fields points to a different problem at your site than something related to the plugin. Something may have gone wrong during your backup restore or before.

You may try checking around options of other plugins you have and try saving/changing them. This may be a site-wide problem.

Also, does your host utilize opcache?

Mhh okay.

Yes we use opcache.

Trying clearing opcache may provide some insight.

Yeah the object cache was the problem :open_mouth:

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It very often is. Especially if you use it with a caching plugin.

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