"Invalid or expired cursor" when trying to sync posts

I’ve connected WP plugin to my Patreon acct and it transferred about half the posts. Now it is failing with the following error:

Response code: 400 Response :{“errors”:[{“code”:3,“code_name”:“ParameterInvalid”,“detail”:“Invalid parameter for ‘page[cursor]’: Invalid or expired cursor.”,“id”:“b97c52a4-6e52-4173-bb21-e6e2da514130”,“source”:{“parameter”:“page[cursor]”},“status”:“400”,“title”:“Invalid value for parameter ‘page[cursor]’.”}]}

I tried to deactive, delete, then re-install plugin, but the error remains.

Thanks for your help.

What happens if you start a manual post import via settings, and then keep clicking ‘Import next batch’ every 10 seconds to see a manual post import all the way through?

I get error if I try to do it manually:

Your site may be prevented from contacting Patreon due to security features at your site or your host. Checking any security plugins you have and contacting your host to ask whether they are filtering Patreon connections may provide pointers.

Hmm, but I was able to receive about half of my posts (146 out of 343), which tells me security should not be an issue…

That may not be the case - a filtering logic could still be filtering the ip based on certain triggers which do not activate all the time. Additionally there may be connectivity/load issues at your server as well.

In any case its the best to contact your host about this issue and ask advice.

Thank you, I will check with them.

Another somewhat related question: when i de-activated and deleted plugin and then re-installed it again - connection settings were pre-filled with my previous values. Where those values are stored? I’d like to try to wipe it clean and then re-install again. Thanks for all your help and quick responses.

Disconnecting your site from Patreon should delete all account specific data and allow you to reconnect to the same account or another Patreon account.