Patreon Plugin - "Ongoing Import" with API Error Messages 400 and 404 Responses

Hello! I’ve been having trouble with the Patreon plugin that comes bundled with Patreon Pro. I don’t want to import posts, and if I did I’d want to select which ones with a certain tag I can import. However, in the Patreon settings I constantly see “there is an ongoing import” and I wind up having to delete the same imported posts repeatedly. I should add that this is the only site that I have connected with Patron Pro, but I DO have two separate API connections for both my sites.
My site is hosted on Siteground. Could I request assistance with this? Thanks a ton ahead of time!

I am experiencing the same issue with the free version. Is there really no way to just disable syching ? It’s pretty much rendering the app useless as a paywall for wordpress and the imports mostly come in broken as far as being content.

Ah that’s unfortunate. I’m sorry you’re having to fight this too! :frowning:

Please dont post your WP site details publicly and instead DM them.

Its likely that the webhook that is tied to the app used for your site is broken. Try deleting that specific client and manually recreating a client in the Patreon clients page, then c/ping the details to your plugin. After that, you can re-setup post sync connection in WP admin → Patreon settings → Post sync by saving the form again.

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Ah thank you for the heads up!
I’ve gone ahead and removed that information from the original post.

I have done as advised and still see “There is an ongoing Post import.”

Have you entirely deleted the existing client for that website and manually create a new client and c/p ed its details to the site?

Yes, I deleted the client and made a new one only after I deleted the connection details in the Patreon Settings and hit update.

Did you restart the Post sync feature by going to WP admin → Patreon Settings → Post sync and saving it after you did that?

Yes I did! It said “Failed to import any post…”, and when I updated settings and refreshed the page, the ongoing import message still appears!

Yes, there is a known issue with page cursor getting lost. This is likely such a case. Try canceling post import, waiting a day and then restarting post import.

I just wanted to let you know that it seems that I have this issue too.
Since some months the post won’t appear automatically in WP anymore. The 5 minutes auto update doesn’t seems to be started.
A manual import takes some hours. I don’t know if syncing 245 posts is a big task? But finally it is importing the latest posts.

But it would be cool if this would work automatically again :smiley:

Thanks for your great work!

Yes, ~200 posts could take an hour or more depending on how frequently your cron runs.

Hey there, thanks again for the suggestion! How would I cancel post import?
I’m searching both the Patreon plugin settings and the Post sync settings and I don’t see a means of doing so!

Try going to WP admin → Patreon Settings → Post Sync, and disabling post sync and saving the form.