Stuck on ongoing post import and never importing posts

Hey, I’m having trouble importing the Patreon posts into WordPress. It keeps saying ongoing post import, but never imports posts. When I click on “Import next batch”, I get the error “Expired or lost page cursor deleted. Post import will restart from scratch…”, and doesn’t seem restart ever.

I’ve double checked the connection details, disconnected and reconnected, refreshed the token, uninstalled the plugin and reinstalled and can’t figure out what’s going on, but it never imports posts.

I had posts imported before, but deleted them to restart/reinstall the plugin to see if they would sync new and ongoing posts because it wasn’t syncing before, but now I can’t get them to import at all.

Hmmm. This may be a bug with the expired cursor not being deleted with a new import. I’ll look into this.

Having this exact same problem!
I actually deleted the client and API key to see if that would help. It did not.

Yeah, this is a bug, its in to-do list. It will be fixed in following releases. For now, try to use manual import.