Posts no longer importing

I successfully imported all my previous posts from patreon onto my blog about five days ago. Today, I attempted to add a new post on patreon but it never showed up on Wordpress.

I tried hitting the “import next batch” button to force it to sync. It would say “Started a post import” and stay on that indefinitely and then no post appeared. If I navigated away from the page where it says “Started a post import” and then came back, it would switch to “No post import ongoing”. I tried hitting this button, waiting, and checking for a new post several times.

I tried these same steps again after changing

1.“Auto publish public posts” setting from no to yes
2. Deleting the post on patreon and making a new one.
3. Setting the patreon post to patrons-only instead of public

And no matter what I tried, no post would show up. The really weird thing is that I also checked the error log and there are no errors from the past day. All of them are from five days ago when I was figuring out the original import.

Same issue. I’ve resorted to manually posting and being happy the membership settings work. :confused: Been waiting for months for a solution that works.

You should check with your host and see if Patreon api is being filtered/blocked. It works behind Cloudflare ips. If they are blocking Cloudflare from making requests (or to Cloudflare), then this may happen.

How do I go about checking that?

You should open a support ticket at your web host and ask about it.

I asked my host and they said they didn’t see any indication of blocks in place server side.

Just to be sure, I deleted the patreon plug-in, reinstalled, re-activated, and reconnected, and it’s still not syncing, even when I hit the “import next batch” button.

It appears to be working again now. I have no idea what changed.

Well, nothing changed Patreon-side. It may have been some kind of filtering issue in the services which your host uses. Even if your host does not do that, the services they use (Cloudflare or security services etc) can cause such situations.

I did some debugging, and I’ve found out that there’s a potential bug in patreon_wordpress.php:3016 (v. 1.7.5):

if ( get_option( 'patreon-post-import-in-progress', false ) ) {

If the option is not there, it will default to false, meaning that the code won’t be executed (the 5 minutes import).

Yeah, if post import is not in progress, it should not import any posts?

We’re still experiencing issues with the latest version of the plugin. Posts are not imported despite the wp-cron job is executed as expected and despite we access the website as admin, even after several minutes. We always have to fall back to manual import. What else should we check?

Do posts import via manual import?

I also am only able to use manual import. It’s never synced automatically. At least the manual import does work now.

Yes, only via manual import.

If the manual import works, they you can suspect a situation with the cron at your WP site. Because it means that the posts are coming in and actually completing manually, but the cron is not able to do it.

Debugging wp cron is something that you would need to do in your site yourself since every site has its own config.