Patreon posts failing to import on wordpress

I have had some issues with the plugin importing new posts. I have tried everything under the sun to get it to work. At first it worked, then it stopped and I contacted my host. They were able to single out the plugin that was blocking the issue and I was able to import them after deactivating one specific plugin. After I reactivated that plugin, it of course failed to import more posts. I have tried again to resolve the problem, following the same steps that my host took and it still will not import posts to my site, even if patreon is the only active plugin on my site. I have spent hours over the past week trying to resolve it with no luck.

If there is a plugin blocking imports when you activate it, the problem lies with that plugin and we cannot fix that plugin’s issue. Contacting the plugin developer may be an option.

Note that if they are set to too aggressive, security plugins, Wordfence etc, may block a lot of things.