Plugin Struggling To Import Posts

Hey there,

I have had the plugin installed on my clients website for over a year now and it has been running relatively smoothly but the past few months has not been able to import new posts from their Patreon.

The connection appears to be fine.

“Your Patreon integration health is great!”

Client ID, secret, access, and refresh token are all matching.

Cron is going off every 5 minutes as scheduled.

The last connection error was from ~40 days ago from the last time I attempted to debug this issue (I disconnected and then reconnected the plugin, this issue has been going on for quite a while).

While doing some updates on the website today I hit the manual import button at least a dozen times and the plugin managed to import 2 posts from January but has yet to grab the three remaining posts.

Any advice?

Your site may have lost its connection to Patreon. Try going through the below steps to force-refresh it: