Blog Posts don’t change are making changes on Patreon

Hi! We are facing a few errors with the plugin:

1. WordPress blog posts do not update after making changes on Patreon posts. I thought they could be resynced? Correct me if I’m wrong.

2. We are unable to disconnect the plugin from our Patreon account and connect it again. We had to do this from Patreon’s account side.


1 - If your site has lost connection to Patreon this can happen. Using the below steps can force the connection to refresh:

Also, you can try going to WP admin → Patreon Settings → Post Sync and set up post sync by saving both forms. (Save + Done).

Then you can try a manual import to see if the manual import will work.

2 - Yes that sometimes happens and the solution are the steps I posted above.

Hi, thanks for the suggestions, I completed the suggested steps but the posts are still not syncing, i tried clicking “import next batch” but nothing happened either. do you have any other suggestions?

‘Import next batch’ must be clicked until the plugin goes through all of your posts. So as long as there is a next batch, you must be clicking it. Its a manual import.