Can't connect patreon and wordpress

I cant connect Patreon and Wordpress, the plugin wizard on Wordpress says:

“We must connect your site to Patreon to enable Patreon features. Please click here to start the setup wizard”

I click, then get:

“Let’s connect your site to Patreon!” with a button saying: “Let’s start”.

Then i click that and get:

{“errors”:[{“code”:3,“code_name”:“ParameterInvalid”,“detail”:“Invalid parameter for ‘oauth_client_id’: 7800.”,“id”:“cc9b3d88-6672-5bd2-a818-b76745500392”,“source”:{“parameter”:“oauth_client_id”},“status”:“400”,“title”:“Invalid value for parameter ‘oauth_client_id’.”}]}

Can you help?

WP 5.9.3 with PHP 7.4.29
Patreon WordPress 1.8.3 with API v2

This means you already connected a WP site to Patreon using the setup wizard before. It may have been the same site.

The setup wizard does not support connecting multiple sites to Patreon using the setup wizard due to api limitations yet. So you will have to create an app for the second site manually and c/p the details to your plugin.

You can create the app here:

Thanks for the reponse. Though creating an app is way out of my skill set. I never had a second WP site, this must be a mistake, or perhaps some other form of the same WP site.

Can I delete something and start again?

Side note: Can I pay someone to fix this?

You could have connected that same site before. Happens.

Solution is not complicated. You can just follow the steps in the below post: