Patreon Wordpress Tier Integration and Manual Overrides Not Working

I’ve recently integrated my Patreon and Wordpress accounts. Unfortunately, the tiers I select for the locked posts keep being overridden. I have a £1 supporter tier that allows for monthly donations without benefits and all my content is locked behind a £2.50 tier. However, on Wordpress, the £1 tier is being selected by default. When I change it in the drop-down menu, it sticks for roughly half the posts but the rest remain at £1 despite me changing it manually.

I have turned off the option in the settings that overrides local edits but this has had no effect on the tier lock within the post editor. I cannot think of what else to do. Is there any solution to this? I imagine deleting my £1 tier may be one solution but is there a way to get this working as it should?

WP 5.5.1 with PHP 7.4.11
Patreon WordPress 1.6.8 with API v2

Your host may have opcode caching or another caching mechanism that causes a delay in between the actions you take in your WP admin and them getting effected on the database side. You may want to contact them and ask about that.

I have turned off the option in the settings that overrides local edits

Which setting is that?

Xeno: For you and anyone else who has issues seeing/syncing/using their tiers:

This package has some debug code to give info on what is happening. You can deactivate/delete your existing Patreon WordPress, upload and activate this package above.

Then when you visit ‘Patreon Settings’ -> ‘Site Health’, you will see some debug info printed out at the top of the page. Copy/paste the portion from the top until " Health check of your Patreon integration" title down below, and DM me via the forum. (or, mail to

That debug info will help track the reason for this issue.

Many thanks for your replies. It has now resolved itself, so I think you are right that there was some sort of delay.

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