Locked content notice on Wordpress posts


This it the message that shows on my locked posts: To view this content, you must be a member of XXX Patreon at £0.01 or more. My membership programmes start from £1 so don’t want to mislead potential members. I’ve tried overriding this in the custom call to action but it basically creates a second line above that one.

Can I advise how I can either:

  • Change how much it costs to join
  • Remove that line so just my custom one is there?

Thanks in advance.

Is the post locked for $1 tier at your WP site when you view it in your post editor?

Is that a post synced/imported from Patreon?

It is imported/synced from Patreon by the look of it.

In Patreon Plugin WP options I changed it to £ (from $) and put in a Custom Patreon Page name as that imported wrong but despite trying to override what is automatically drawn in, this still appears.

Ah no, the thing is that when posts which are market ‘patron only’ (not for tier $1) are imported they are marked for the minimum amount.

We may change that in near future but there may also be people who want it that way. For now you can just mark that post to be $1 tier from your WP post editor. It has the same effect.

I am trying the override feature but it is still pulling in this automatic response. Please see attached.

You can try visiting the post editor to edit that post, and setting its tier to $1 tier at ‘Patreon Level’ metabox. Then update the post.