💡 Patreon WordPress locking options guide


Simple lock

This method is the easiest method to lock your content. By entering a amount here, you can lock this content for that amount. So that only currently active patrons who have that $ amount of pledge and higher can see this content.

This method can be used alone by itself. It is also required for using the other locking methods. So, whenever you want to lock a particular content, you must enter a $ amount in this option.


You can lock your content simply by using this option without having to use the new, more advanced options below. In that case, you can just hide the advanced options by clicking “Hide advanced” and they will stay hidden.

If you wish to use more advanced locking options below, you would need to click “Show advanced” and make them appear since they come hidden by default.

Require active membership at post date

If you check “Yes” for this option, the content you are locking will require the user to have been a patron at the date or before your content was posted. This is in addition to the $ amount required in “Simple Lock” earlier.


A user visits a particular content you locked for $5. S/he has $5 membership or higher. S/he has been your patron before you posted that content. Fulfilling both criteria, the content is visible to him or her.

Another user visits that same content. S/he has $20 monthly pledge, which is much higher. But s/he has been your patron for only a few months, whereas the content was posted 6 months ago. This user wont be able to see this content and the plugin will notify him or her why the content is locked.


Total lifetime pledge

This is an all powerful option that allows you to override all the others.

When you add a $ amount here, the plugin will check how much total pledge the user has, and will allow him/her to see the content if s/he has enough. This allows you to reward your long time patrons, and even patrons who were long time patrons but now who arent active.


A content is locked with “Simple Lock” and/or “Require active membership”. The content also has $300 total lifetime pledge option set.

A user visits the content. S/he pledges $3, which is not enough for the $5 content. Moreover, s/he was not an active patron at the date content was posted. But s/he has $350 total lifetime pledge. All other options are overridden and the content is visible.

Another user comes. S/he is no longer an active member. But, s/he has over $500 lifetime pledge. Since the $300 total lifetime pledge, the content is again visible.

Another user has $10 pledge, but was not an active member at post date. And s/he has only $200 lifetime contribution. Content is locked.


Together with the earlier two locking options, this option gives you the capability to reward your long time or higher tier patrons.

:tada: Patreon WordPress 1.2.0 Beta is available!
:tada: Patreon WordPress 1.2.0 is officially released