Cant lock content via custom patreon-only banner

Hello, sorry for my bad english. I will try explain my problem.
I bought patreon pro, installed it to WP at (PHP 7.4 with mysql for sure)
i wanna lock some of content in article, but it is problem for some reason. The area for editing in center is ok, but plugin on the right not react with button “patron only”. it just write code “make except patron only”. I selected some text but problem is the same. Even when iam in HTML not Visual editor. I have correctly setting up API v2, here cannot be problem.
I tried to insert php code into funcions.php as you tell somewhere in this forum, but with no success at all.
this is the code it used.

$GLOBALS[‘patreon_enable_direct_unlocks’] = true;

            // Custom lock
            // Get current user if it is not already present
            if ( !$user ) {
                    $user = wp_get_current_user();
            // Check how much patronage the user has
            $user_patronage = Patreon_Wordpress::getUserPatronage();
            // Check if user is a patron whose payment is declined
            $declined = Patreon_Wordpress::checkDeclinedPatronage($user);
            // Default the vip status
            $vip = 'no';
            $vip = get_user_meta( $user->ID, 'cb_p6_a1_vip_user', true );
            $user_patreon_level = get_user_meta( $user->ID, 'cb_p6_a1_patreon_level', true );
            // Set where we want to have the user land at - this can be anything. The below code sets it to this exact page. This page may be a category page, search page, a custom page url with custom parameters - anything
            $redir = home_url(add_query_arg($_GET,$wp->request));
            // If the user has less patronage than, say, $7, or declined, and is not an admin-level user, lock the post.

            if ( ( $user_patronage < 700 
                            OR $declined )
                            AND !current_user_can( 'manage_options' )
            ) {
                    if ( $vip != 'yes' AND !($user_patronage AND ( $user_patreon_level AND $user_patreon_level < 700 ) ) ) {
                            // Generate the unlock interface wherever it is
                 echo Patreon_Frontend::displayPatreonCampaignBanner(
                                    array( 'direct_unlock' => 7, 
                                           'redirect' => $redir                                                
                            // the first param (7) and direct_unlock param set the unlock value for this interface. Both need to be provided and be the same

            else {
                    <!-- Here you put your patron-only content for the header. At this point the patron will see the unlocked content which will be displayed here. This may be anything - it can be a custom meta value taken from somewhere, an embedded post, an embedded content, even remote content - whatever works -->

can you tell me what iam doing wrong? help me please. Thank you