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Hi, I wonder if anyone could tell me if its possible, working with the patreon wordpress plugin to make certain category pages Patreon only, ie so that if someone clicked the link to the category that they would be directed to the patreon page. If there is a php snippet that could be added somewhere to declare an entire category Patreon only that would be great. I imagine its not a tricky thing to achieve but not being a coder I have no idea.
Thanks for any advice.

Earlier it was not possible, but with 1.2.0 you can lock any section at your website - just check the below example and implement at your site as necessary.

This will send users to Patreon to become patrons at the $ level you designate in this code. Just enclose any category listing page inside the lock block in the code.

Very soon it will be possible to lock categories with Patron Pro as well. But its possibly in 1-1.5 weeks or so. For now the above code should do.

Thanks for the reply, I think I will wait for the pro version then.

Pro version currently doesnt have category level locking. Its due in 1-2 weeks.

Hi, I found a way to wrap the posts page with the code you sent me and that seems to work. I am directed to login or create an account. I use my current patreon account and login where I am directed to make a payment. In the interests of testing if the user then sees the content I locked I wonder if there is a test mode using my patreon details whereby I can see if I get redirected to the content? Or if I can assume that the user would. As the post page in question displays ok as I am logged in, I wonder if I can assume it will to a user? ? Or can I login, make a payment to myself and cancel it later. Obviously as I am using your code to wrap content it would be good to see if it actually works. I might be wrapping the content in such a way that it will not display correctly to a users once they have paid. Thanks for any advice.

You can create a new patreon account and login with it to test how a patron would see the locked content.


Hi, thanks for the reply. I wonder if I could ask you a couple of extra questions and then I will go quiet.

  1. On the posts I have the right patreon area. When you click the advanced tab at the bottom, I get a repeat of the fields with an extra tick box for yes. What are these repeated fields? See image.

  2. I have now wrapped all my content with the code you sent me and everything works well. I have set the code at $5. If a user stops paying will they still be able to access the site? Is there an active payer requirement?


1 - The fields are not repeated - they are just locked because your app credentials, probably creator access token or refresh token is incorrect or expired.

2 - If a user is not paying the amount of membership contribution identified by the box, s/he wont access the content, unless you enter a lifetime amount in lifetime total contribution box and he fulfills it. Ie, if you enter $300, someone who had paid you $300 and more up until that moment will have access to the content even if s/he is not a patron now. But for this you have to correct your app credentials.

Many thanks.

As I used the code you supplied to wrap all my content I just wonder what behaviour will occur.

  1. Will an active Patreon be able to see all past posts regardless of when they join?
  2. Is there a way to incorporate the “lifetime total contribution” feature for the entire site into the code you supplied?

I like the advanced features of individual posts but want all my content to be conditioned by them.

Thanks in advance

Currently the custom locking code you used does not support advanced locking mechanicsms like lifetime contribution. So, only patrons who are currently paying the actual $ amount you designate in that code should be able to access your content.

Advanced locking options will probably be incorporated to the custom locking code likely in the next few minor versions of PW.

Hi, Thanks, so

  1. a patreon will be able to see past and future posts as long as they have an active payment,
  2. and any patreon in a higher tear will also see them. I mean the code stating $5 dollars does not exclude a patreon paying $10?
    Thanks agian
    All the best

For custom locking code:

  1. Yes
  2. Yes