Does the wordpress plugin work with Access Category Password plugin?



At the moment I have a members area that is only accessible to people who’ve gotten a password from me in my newsletter. I use the plugin Access Category Password for this. I’d love to integrate Patreon directly in my site and I was wondering if these plugins function without a hitch together. I understand that Wordpress only allows for one password in the cookie settings. Is that a problem?

Thank you for your help!



They were not directly tested. However if you keep using the password plugin to lock your category content, it should work normally - but you would not use Patreon WordPress to lock that category.

Alternatively you can get the Pro version (Patron Plugin Pro) and use its category-locking feature to lock any category/tag/taxonomy from any post type for a given $ level. Also you can use advanced locking options like showing by date, locking by age, showing by age etc.


Thanks for the help, @codebard.
I’ll keep the newsletter function the way I have it now then :smiley:
The Patreon things are separate from the newsletter, so that’s no problem.



Patreon WordPress or Patron Pro wont kick in unless you tell them to. Newsletter is totally separate from all of these.

But if your visitors come to a page (category, tag or single page) at your site to view the content and you need to lock that content to be only for patrons, then you can use Patreon WordPress to lock posts or pages, and Patron Pro to lock categories, tags etc. Or alternatively keep the current setup with password plugin only for that category.

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My apologies, with the newsletter function, I mean the password my newsletter (Mailchimp) subscribers receive which is set with Access Category Password. :slight_smile:

For the Patreons I’ll use a different category/tag.


Ok, then you can use both of these plugins at the same time.

You can use the password plugin for that particular category and you can use Patron Pro to lock the other categories or tags you want to lock. They should work all at the same time without any issues.

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Ah, I thought I had already answered to this.
Thank you for your help!

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