Patrons no longer able to unlock content on my Wordpress site

My wordpress site uses Paid Memberships Pro and the Patreon Wordpress plugin. My content is gated only through PMP. Earlier in the month and all last month when I installed the plugins, everything worked fine and patrons were able to log in and view all gated content. As of today, patrons who log in and try to view a locked post are being told the content is still locked. I tested this with my test Patreon account both before and after updating the Patreon plugin to the latest version, and I also heard from two actual patrons.

I’m not sure what’s causing this, because I didn’t change anything on the website between now and the last time it worked. It’s not related to pledge amount - the patrons who told me are pledging high enough to access everything. It’s affecting all types of locked content regardless of post type or category. (Accounts that pledged directly through PMP still have full access.) Is there a way to find out what’s causing this issue?

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An update - My test account wasn’t showing a wordpress connection under’s profile settings anymore, but neither was it showing the “connect to Patreon” button on the website for anyone who’d already connected. I was able to fix this by disconnecting their Patreon from the admin end, so then the “connect with Patreon” button showed again and they could reconnect. But now it looks like I have to manually do this for the 70+ members who’ve connected to my website. Is there any way to bulk-disconnect people?

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try going into Patreon Pro plugin and check that the API codes are matching the API you set up on Patreon (there is a link to it in the settings). Copy and paste to update these and then go to the Patreon standard plugin and reconnect your site.

I have to do this weekly.


Ah thanks for the reply! But I don’t use the Patron Pro plugin. I use Paid Memberships Pro, which is a third-party plugin the Patreon Wordpress plugin is compatible with. I don’t think PMP had anything to do with this issue, though.

That said, I did reconnect my site. But it didn’t fix the issue on its own, and I still needed to manually disconnect every patron via their WP user profile in order for them to reconnect their accounts. After they reconnected, they were able to access rewards again. I did each member manually, but if this is a frequent occurrence like you said, I really hope there’s a way to manage the members in bulk, or to somehow prevent the issue in the future.

@bob_artist The situation you experience may be due to 1st of month. If it doesnt go away in 2-3 days, please let me know.

@GMDOnline You have to c/p your app credentials every week? That shouldnt be necessary. Please open a new thread with that issue so we can look into it in the coming weeks.

I first noticed the issue mid-day on the 30th. Is that still typical for issues related to the 1st of the month? I frequently post bonus content around that time, so if that’s going to be a problem time for posting, I’d want to know so I could work around it.

I did resolve the issue for this month, but if it happens again next month and stays 2-3 days, I’ll let you know. Thanks!

The 1st of month issue is one that comes and goes on and off. But it is a known issue and will be addressed in future when possible.

Will do , I thought t was the norm, been doing it for over a year

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Just leaving a note that this issue seems to have returned this month.

Yes, likely 1st of month issue.

We’re four days into the month now, but the problem hasn’t resolved yet. I’ve added a troubleshooting note to my site telling members how to disconnect and reconnect their Patreon, and those who have done this are able to access content again. But it makes for a horrible user experience if they have to disconnect and reconnect every month - especially since this happens immediately after they’ve been billed for content they can’t access. Is there anything that can be done to fix this?

I believe I’m encountering this issue as well, though it seems inconsistent. Some users have it, others do not. I’m not at all sure how to deal with this as I’m new at this Patreon thing.
I’d rather not have to delete the plugin and lock my content behind passwords accessible on patreon.

First of month issues are known issues and work is being done on them to address them. However the reasons for these issues are varied - as well as the issues - so it may take some time for them to be ironed out. Therefore at this point the best route is to ask patrons to just using ‘Unlock via Patreon’ button on whichever content they cant access.

We have this exact same issue - every month or so some users have login issues viewing on wordpress. Really frustrating - and I do it manually per user disconnecting and reconnecting. As you say @bob_artist it makes for a terrible user experience, and they all complain!

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I am having the same problem with my site. I have the Patreon Pro plugin enabled and some of my users cannot view the content even though they have the proper membership. I say it’s happening with about 1% of my members.

There are reliability situations with the api on 1st of month. These are known and work will be done on them. However whenever you encounter any such issue, you should bring us to attention either by posting it here or by opening a ticket at