Patreon WordPress plugin not working

I have a Patreon patron who reports that he cannot view the hidden content on my site (restricted to Patreon patrons.) He says even though he is logged in, he still cannot get through to the hidden content that I made available only for Patreon patrons. Any troubleshooting with the API?

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I have the same problem with one Patron. He clicks “unlock with Patreon,” logs in, goes back to the site, refreshes the page and it still says he needs to log in. Browser info:

Does this happen with one patron? Have you two tried a $1 locked content on your site with a test patron account you created to confirm this issue? First it must be made sure that unlocking works in general.

It’s only with 2 of my patrons, so I know that unlocking in general works.

Does unlocking not work for these people every time they try and over a time period, or does it work occasionally, in a spotty fashion?

It never works, one has been trying over a month.

Can s/he try viewing the content from another device + browser + isp combo than the one s/he is using to see if there is anything going on with the combination?

Some ISPs cache very aggressively especially on mobile.