Wordpress plugin - Content is not visible for logged user

Hello i have problem with patreon plugin
and i tried every fix there in this forum (pareon-wordpress / patreon-connect.zip) without and also with update and apps with API v1 and v2 but is doesnt work.

My page : http://frantisekjuris.eu/sk


  1. Click to button Unlock with Patreon
  2. Register profile
  3. Redirect to website
  4. Check visibility of content ( Real Result : Content is not visible )

Another scenario:

  1. Connect to website with already logged in user with button unlock with Patreon
  2. Check visibility of content ( Real Result : Content is not visible )
  3. Click to “Already patreon refresh”
  4. Check visibility of content ( Real Result : Content is not visible )

And last one:

  1. Logout from wordpress ( one time also from Patreon one time not )
  2. Login to wordpress via button unlock to Patreon
  3. Check visibility of content ( Real Results : Content is not visible )

… I also tried turn off caching , delete all caches … turn off and on browser and computer, 3 accounts and devices … and still nothing …

Actual settings on my WP:

  • Patreon Plugin : Version 1.2.2
  • Wordpress Version : 5.0.2
  • API Version: 2

Sorry but i need to solve this problem asap otherwise i will use on my website another platform but i love Patreon concept and ideas … Thank you, FJ

Have you checked your wordpress cache? It may be showing the locked content to logged in users still.

Alternatively, please arrange an admin account (a new one with a complex password) and mail it to ozgur@c.patreon.com so that i can check the issue on-site.

Please note that im the WordPress dev working on development of the official plugin of Patreon with the platform team and you should not forward any login details to anyone else and any other email than the one i disclosed above.

Hello, password was send to your email account. Thank you for support and for you time. FJ

Checking this on-site, the content…


…is properly unlocked for an admin user:

…and is locked for anon users:

The plugin and locking seems to work pretty fine.

Its possible that your browser/device or your ISP may have been doing aggressive caching and causing you to view stale pages. This could appear unlocked pages to appear locked because the device or ISP is serving a few second old (or older) pages.

Trying from a different computer/device, especially from a different ISP may show a different result.

For all that is concerned, the plugin and your locked content works.

Hello i tried it from another user and device f.e. user [patreon_1565***7] which report me this issue and i created testing [patreon_1586***9] and it doesnt work on another device because of this i created this ticket :slight_smile:

When you are logged in as admin, the content is still locked to you, right?

No … as admin i see my content problem is my patreons register and pay via my wordpress blog and didnt see any page because content for them is still locked as before registration / donate. i dont have problems with admin accounts i have problem in classic accounts created via patreon button registration :slight_smile:

I see.

I was able to unlock your content after changing the relevant content’s pledge to $1 from $10 and making a test pledge with one of my users.

I noticed that you use a CDN. Your site took some time (like 20-30 seconds) to show me the updated version of the post with $1 pledge. Instead it was showing $10 for that duration despite the post was already updated.

Stuff like these can be caused if you have aggressive caching at your site, a CDN or a host/server caching.

Trying with your CDN disabled may help you track the issue and why it is happening for particular users and not happening to all users.

Okey … i think about how is with refunded account? i refunded your price, can you please check it again? if you see this content also with refunded acc? Thanks

Nope, that content is now locked to me with that particular patreon user i created at your site.

Excellent so … this content is locked if (total_pledged_money < minimum_pledge) in this case f.e. refund … this is maybe why this content wasnt displayed. i tried it with dofferent accs with adding more money and it works now. Thank you so much for help :slight_smile:

Our pleasure.

I would recommend you disable your CDN and confirm that it is not causing interference.

Good luck with your patrons.