Patreons stuck in a loop when accessing blocked content

Hi there.

I integrated Patreon on my website a while ago and now that I’m starting to offer exclusive content and new patreons are pledging… it’s not working. I created a new patreon account to test what’s going on (most of my patreons are just pledging for support, not really reading every blocked content on my web) and, certainly, it didn’t work.

If I’m logged in I keep seeing the Unlock with Patreon button (I also saw the Patreon Pro button, but now it’s disabled). I thought that maybe I did something wrong and uninstalled everything to start from scratch, but even with the Patreon Worpdress plugin there’s no way to access the content. Right now the patreons are stuck in a loop: if you click the unlock with patreon button it takes you to the Allow or Deny page, and then Allow takes you to the Login With Patreon… and it takes you again to the allow or deny. And it keeps going on, but there’s no user created, no access to the content… And I’m quite desperate.

I’m sure it’s something quite simple to solve, but I’m unable to see what I’m doing wrong and have been reading this forum and documentation for hours. Any help, please? :wink:

Seems to be working fine. Had a problem with the creation of the users on my website, they were editors and some e-mails were creating conflict. Deleted all the patreon users, reinstalled everything and seems to be working (now the pulgin creates a valid user for every patreon and they only have to login once).

Can’t hide the Unlock button from Patreon Plugin, but it’s not a problem.

You can close this :slight_smile:

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Cant hide unlock button from Patreon Plugin? Why? It is supposed to appear in any locked post/page already?

Sorry, didn’t see that reply. I have configured Patreon in my website as a Club, and the idea is that the members can see everything and non-members see a text explaining why the post is blocked, and then a button to patreon.

And down that, there’s the unlocking button.

But I think I need some help configuring everything because it’s not working. Since the beginning I’ve been accepting all pledges, but from now on I want to set a 2$ minimum for new users. I thought that making the existing patreons VIP (or setting the locking posts at a mininum of 2$ to see, and 1$ of historic pledges to see, which covers every existing user); but for some reason the loop error is back. It says it’s because there’s already an existing user with that e-mail, but if I login in wordpress and try to link both accounts (I use a test account) it keeps going back to the locked post.

Don’t know if it’s too much to ask, but maybe someone can check my website’s patreon pro configuration and check what I’m doing wrong.

There seems to be something very weird going on there.

Since this may be a Patron Pro issue, please post a ticket at