Wordpress Plugin - Patrons are in loop for unlock post

I’m getting my Wordpress Patreon site up and running but my patrons are stuck in an “Unlock With Patreon” loop. They’re definitely my patron and the post is locked at $2 or higher so it sees my tiers properly.

They click the Unlock With Patreon and it just returns them right back with the “Unlock With Patreon” button.

Do you have “Prevent caching of gated content” set to “Yes” in “Patreon Settings” menu in WP admin?

Additionally, does the post have any advanced locking option set? Like ‘Active patrons only’?

Here are the settings I have under the plugin:

Enable strict oAuth: Unchecked
Enable image locking features: Unchecked
Make entire site Patron-only with Pledge Level: Empty
Custom Call to Action Banner: Blank
Enable Login with Patreon: Checked
Allow Admins/Editors to ‘Login with Patreon’ Button: Unchecked
Custom Patreon Page name: Blank
Prevent caching of gated content: Yes

The active patron checkbox is unchecked and the first basic tier is selected.

One question - my Patreon is paused this month and set to resume in February. Does the plugin have some weird logic that makes it think everyone isn’t a patron due to them not being charged this month?

Otherwise, I’m at a loss.

Does the plugin have some weird logic that makes it think everyone isn’t a patron due to them not being charged this month

If its due to that, its not weird logic, but its how patronage works - if the patron does not have a payment that covers a given 30 day period at a given tier level, then s/he wouldnt be considered a patron at that tier level.

Can you set up a patron account and test if you are able to unlock your posts by putting a $1 lock on a test post?

I’ve paused payment until Feb 1st as well and some of my Patrons are are reporting the exact same issue.

Do these patrons have a recent pledge that covers until today, or are those patrons whose pledges were before 30 days?

My Patrons who have reported the issue are before 30 days. I paused their payments back in December so they wouldn’t have a payment on record in the last 30 days, but they would have a payment for the last cycle that went through the first week of December. They are still technically current patrons. It seems like that may be the issue.

If 30 days passed from their last payment, they are not current patrons according to the system. They wont regain patron status until you unpause payment and they get a charge to cover existing time.

You can go around this by using ‘VIP users’ or 'Custom $ level users" features in Patron Plugin Pro if you have it.