Cancelled but still ongoing memberships not able to access content?


I have a Patron who signed on for a Tier. Then he canceled cause he doesn’t want to be charged again next month) which is okay. Normal Patreon behavior (at least in the Patreon Feed) is that he can access all Tier content until his paid period terminates. But I got some content only available on my homepage locked with the Patreon Plugin. And there the “Unlock with Patreon Button” does not unlock, but instead leads him to the Subscription Page where he needs to rejoin the Tier. (For 0$, since it’s already paid, but still he has to renew it to get to the content).
I have verified this behavior on my Test account by downgrading to a lower Tier and trying to access the content I should still have access to (from normal Patreon Feed behavior) and I also land on the Subscription page when clicking the Unlock Button.

Please tell me this is a bug…

Try having the patron log in through the ‘Log in with Patreon’ button (in login pages) or click the ‘Refresh’ button under the locked posts to have them log in without having to pledge.

Thanks, I was not aware of the existence of this button.
Works like a charm :slight_smile:

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It also should be present in the standard WP login widgets or any widgets that uses the WP’s login widget related filters. So you can add it to your sidebar if you use one of these widgets.