Patreon plugin taking paying members to checkout page

Hi there!
When a patreon member tries to click on the “unlock with patreon” button they are taken to a Patreon checkout page, even though they are already a paying member. Not sure why this is happening.
Here is my website:

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I have the same problem! Please help us, because this way this WordPress Plugin is unusable.
My webpage
So maybe you can find what is common on our websites and resolve the problem for us. Thank you.

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Yes! I haven’t been able to announce I made a Patreon because of this issue :disappointed:

If the user has not logged into your website via Patreon or his/her session at your site has expired, they will be treated as a logged out user and be shown the Unlock button. And they will have to go through the pledge/unlock flow. This also happens if the patron’s tier is lower than the tier required to unlock the content. Check out whether that is the case. If its not and the patron is a qualifying member, let me know.

They never visited my site before. They became a Patreon member through Patreon, then they visited my site to see the Patron-only posts. When they are trying to log in, Patreon wants to charge them again for the content. I set on my site that only a specific tier has access and these Patreons are in that exact tier who have access to those pages.
I’m not sure how their session can be expired, if this would be their first log-in attempt.

So my patron is a qualifying member and I need more help with this issue.

Are the patrons being presented with the price of that tier amount, another tier, or $0 or a message telling them that they dont need to pay anything at the moment when they go to checkout?

Patreon wants to charge them again with the tier’s amount which is €20.